Welcome to makeNget!

What is makeNget?

makeNget is a free service that allows makers to create, share, and remix their 2D and 3D designs.

Our goal is to enable the creation and sharing of makerware using software that does not limit the freedoms of its users.

This project is currently focused on shareable creations designed for 3D printing and CNC-based work. However, all creations are welcome here.

Note: The online editors available on this site are optimized for use on a desktop computer, and are not recommended for use on mobile.

How does makeNget work?

You can create a project using one of the open-source projects that is integrated with our service (Maker.js/JSCAD/JS.Sketcher), or by uploading your files manually like on other maker-friendly sharing sites.

Make a New Creation

You can start, save, and continue your own Creation (or work on somebody else's) by working in one of the following online editors: